Beginners at flower planting can easily get discouraged if their first attempt to grow flowers from the seeds fails. Green fingers don’t come naturally to some, and even experienced gardeners know that the more you know, the greener your fingers will become. You don’t need to resort to a lot of time-consuming and fruitless trial and error methods to learn something, though. No one will accuse you of cheating if you use our top 5 list of easy-to-grow seeds. Horticulture isn’t a competition, and while you may become the envy of your friends and neighbours if our guide gives you easy success, the confidence you will gain through the success of your efforts will spur you on to more ambitious projects in the future.

Without further ado, here’s our totally arbitrary top 5 list of flowers that are easily grown from seeds:

  • Sunflowers: They are huge and impressive, and their seeds are delicious. Who wouldn’t want to have some gigantic sunflowers in their garden? Did you know that they are called sunflowers because they always face the sun? Now you do. And they also look a bit like the sun.
  • Nigella: No, not the famous TV chef, who looks as delicious as her desserts. You can’t plant a person, especially not a celebrity — it’s severely frowned upon, to say the least. Rather plant the flower.
  • Nasturtium: They may sound like a relative of Nosferatu, but instead of sucking your blood, you can eat their petals in a delicious salad.
  • Fuchsias: No, it’s not a swear word. They come in many shapes and colours, and are perfect for containers and hanging baskets.
  • Ice Plant: With a name as cool as that, why would you not want them in your garden? Don’t be uncool, plant ice plants, baby!

There you have it — 5 flower seeds that are easy to grow for beginners.