If you want to start a flower garden, the first step is to get ready to get your hands dirty. Or use gardening gloves if you want to, and keep your hands clean. Also, use coveralls if you don’t want dirty clothes, and wear appropriate footwear to avoid severed toes due to carelessly dropped gardening implements.

Now, with attire and safety issues addressed briefly, it’s time to analysis the location of your flower beds. What do you want to plant? If your flowers love the sun, you need to pick a sunny side of the house. If there’s a lot of shade, pick flowers that like to have more shade. You might have to camp out on your lawn with an umbrella for a whole day in order to observe the lay of the land. Be sure to have plenty of cold beverages and sunscreen handy.

Once you know how the sun falls in your garden, you can start picking the types and colours of flowers you want to plant. It’s up to you whether you want a degree of uniformity, or whether you want a random colour explosion worthy of an organic Pollock painting. It’s your garden, and you can do what you like.

If you’re not sure that flower planting is quite your thing, but you want to give it a shot anyway, it’s probably a good idea to pick very low maintenance plants. Low-water perennials will definitely be a superb choice, since they will grow for many years, and they will probably not die if you forget to water them occasionally.

Perhaps you like flowers for their scent more than for their colour. In that case, you can play the perfume master, and design a scent profile that would either be alluring or revolting, depending on the effect you want to create.