Like life and casino slots, gardening is a gamble. Some people prefer to play it safe, but intrepid gardeners and those who get the most fun out of life know that when you take a chance, sometimes you are rewarded for your boldness.

Gardening is the most rewarding game for some people, and the reward for playing in a garden full of beautiful plants and flowers is serene happiness. But the game isn’t for everybody. Some people like the idea of gardening, but are either too lazy, or they simply don’t have gardens, or they prefer to play in the dirt in the digital realm. With modern technology, you can have all of the fun of gardening without getting your hands dirty.

There are many games with plants and flowers available for your mobile device. Virtual gardening is definitely possible: collect seeds, plant them, water them, pick and sell them for in-game currency, and buy more seeds and fertilizer. You can also pay with real cash if you want to own more resources quickly. Not interested in planting? You will also find games where you get to attack evil plants who want to have your head for lunch.

While virtual gardening is a relaxing pastime for some, others may find it a bit boring. You can always try your luck at a game of casino slots with flowers. That way you can be rest assured that your luck will bloom for as long as you play. Once you are confident of your ability to win, you can raise the stakes and play with real money. The risks are higher, but so are the rewards. You can even use your winnings to plough back into your own garden. While banknotes don’t make a great fertilizer, you can use them to buy real fertilizers to ensure your garden remains verdant.