If you want to own a flower garden, the first step is to get ready to get your hands dirty and analyse the presence of sun in your garden. Then you can get creative.

If you like picking flowers and you are impatient, you need to grow a cutting garden filled with fast-growing flowers. Another reason for choosing fast-growing flowers is that you don’t want to have unsightly bald spots once you cut flowers to display in your home.

To begin with your plan, consider the kinds of flowers you do like. Will they last a long time after you cut them? Great. Do they grow quickly? If yes, go ahead and plant some. If the answer to both the questions is no, especially the first one, then don’t bother. You won’t be happy with your flower arrangement if some of the flowers die within a day, so pick something more suitable.

If you have a dedicated area out of sight at the back of your home, you don’t need the cutting garden to be pretty. You can plant it in rows for convenience and easy access, like a vegetable garden. This will also make it easier for you to keep the garden free from weeds. If it’s at the front of your house, you may need to get more creative in order to design a cutting garden that has easy access, but is still visually appealing.

With the planning out of the way, here are some fast-growing flowers to start your cutting garden with:

  • Cosmos: These celestial flowers can reach to the heavens at up to six feet tall, and can thrive even in poor soil.
  • Ageratum: Pretty clusters of little blue flowers.
  • Black-eyed Susan: Not a victim of domestic abuse, but this black-eyed beauty can repel deer.
  • Snapdragon: These white flowers don’t like heat, so plant them in winter.
  • Horsemint: They smile like oregano, and attract butterflies, not horses.
  • Echinacea: They are a herbal remedy that can fight colds, and are pollinated by insects, so they won’t give you hay fever.