Like fashion, gardening trends come and go. What’s fashionable a few years ago may look terribly outdated today. Is your old-fashioned garden in need of a contemporary makeover? We have some of the latest trends for you to try out so you can turn your garden into one that turns heads instead of stomachs.

  • Give it colour: Forget those boring neutral colours. You need big and bold colours in your garden this year. You can tone it down again when boring and beige comes back in fashion. For now, unleash that colour explosion!
  • Natural is best: Keep it rough and organic, rather than industrial and formal. The clean modern look is antiquated by now. Ditch the concrete and the symmetrical lines, and use natural materials and shapes instead. Rocks and rustic roughness of untreated wood will keep you on par with the trends.
  • Keep it local: Ditch all those foreign plants, and replace them with flora that are endemic to your region. Say no to immigrant plants, and deport them back to the other side of your garden wall.
  • No chemikillz: Are you scared of chemicals with scary names like glyphosate, dihydrogen monoxide, and dozens of others you can’t even pronounce? Don’t let your scientific illiteracy stand in the way of enjoying your garden. Choose pest control options that are natural, organic, free range, cage free, vegan, and non-GMO.
  • Keep it wild: A wild, unkempt look is in. Gardens that are more on the wild side are more likely to lure wildlife back to your garden, so ditch the shears and secateurs and enjoy the butterflies, birds, and bees.
  • Grow food, not lawns: What can be a better statement against capitalism than replacing your lawn with a vegetable garden? You can eat your hard work instead of just looking at it! Enjoying your garden has just taken a whole new meaning.