The majestic Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Ontario. Just a 10 minute drive north of the famous waterfall, you will find 40 acres of beautiful gardens to lose yourself in. As awestruck as you will be at the sight of all this beauty, you will be even more amazed to learn that you can visit it for free!

The gardens were established in 1936, and is maintained by the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture. Among the many spectacular and informative plants that you will find here, one of the highlights is the world famous rose garden, featuring over 2,400 roses. Other attractions include the formal parterre garden, but with such a variety of beauty to behold, that everything becomes an attraction to photographers. There is also free WiFi so you can download and enjoy the free Botanical Gardens app.

From May to mid-October, you can travel back in time when you book a horse and carriage tour of the gardens, complete with a coachman wearing a funny frock from long ago. You can also book guided walking tours and get some exercise while learning a lot of interesting facts about the many plants you will find here.

You can gaze in wonder at the many insects that the gardens attract, especially the butterflies in the Butterfly Conservatory. If you prefer your winged creatures to have fewer legs, you absolutely must visit the aviary. But if trees are more your thing, you can stroll on the many footpaths past the arboretum, with the finest display of ornamental trees in Canada.

If you want to find some peace and tranquillity, you may want to plan your visit on a weekday, since Saturdays and Sundays are very busy from midday, with the flow of visitors tapering off from late afternoon to closing time at dawn.