Spring is the season of flowers, but if you want to see them blooming when the weather turns sunnier, you better start planting early! There’s a problem, though: it’s still too damn cold. For a hardy Canuck that would be no problem, but your delicate flowers will surely die if you start planting too early, won’t they? Not if you pick the right varieties. You can use our planting guide of amazingly tough flowers for inspiration.

  • Pansies: Don’t let the name fool you; pansies love cooler weather. Even so, plant them in full sun or partial shade, and they will bloom until they give up on life in the sweltering heat of June. They will tolerate cool (but not freezing) night time temperatures.
  • Hellebore: With a name like that, you’d think that these demonic-sounding blooms would prefer hot temperatures. Not so — they like to be planted in the shade, and they can withstand light frost.
  • Ranunculus: Ranunculus sounds very ridiculous, just like their preference for six weeks of cool weather before they sprout. Plant them in the sun and enjoy their ridonculous blooming when the weather warms up.
  • Gladiolus: The gladiatorial gladiolus likes the full sun, and will conquer the cool weather to award you with its beauty.
  • Bloodroot: These bloodthirsty blooms like shade. They are perfectly content with water, so don’t actually feed them blood.
  • Iris: There are more colours of iris than there are colours of eyes, so plant your favourites (flowers, not eyes) in full sun and open your irises to the sight of your beautiful irises.

Our planting guide is only a brief overview of what’s possible for early spring planting. There are so many more beautiful flowers with beautiful colours that will reward your work in spring that your garden can be the envy of your neighbourhood if you start early.